The Cannes Short Film Festival will return for a fourth year to Cinéma Pathé Masséna, on 13-16 September 2017.

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Schedule 2017

Wednesday September 13

6:00 PM
C902i – Fermín Cimadevilla
Our Canada, My Story: Shawn Jobin – Salima Stanley-Bhanji
Imperative Shift: Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg – Yoko Kubota
Go South – James Barrett
My Haggan Dream – Laura Sams, Rob Sams, Stephani Gordon
New York 2150 (TV Pilot) – Harry Assouline
The Old-Men – Jordan Inconstant

8:00 PM
Listen – Niko Mikadze
Stop Us – This Is Felo
Stay Awake – Helena Karadimos
Kanthari – Change from Within – Marijn Poels

Easy, A Three Minute Love Story – Robert Guthrie

Thursday September 14

6:00 PM
00 (Double Zero) – Alberto Martín-Aragón
The Final Draft – Aditya Jain
WO|LF – Chelsea Innes
Ragamuffin – John Byron Hanby, IV
Moonchild – Bruno Mazzocchi
Haley – Corey Sevier

8:00 PM
Fu’ Entertainment presents: Maurice – Nicolas Bridot
Missed Conceptions – Ruby Parker-Harbord
The Souls’ Delight – Amandine Herve Pouchet
The Voice of 650 Million Times One – Marijn Poels

Friday September 15

6:00 PM
La Isla Invertida – Cora Cruz
Remember Everything, To Not Forget Anyone – Paolo Caspani
Suriezione – Gennaro Regina
Life on the Ganges – Indira S. Somani
Southern Edge of the Cloud – Alon Chan
Hajimé – Florian Delhormeau

8:00 PM
Sci-Fi & Horror Block:
The Weaving – Arthur Mercier
Hero – Kerryn Williams
Cosas Vanas – Laura Baumeister
The Cop Cam – Isaac Rodriguez
Expiration – Maya Korn
Story Of Frank – Rona Walter, Rona Walter
They Make You Grow A Beard – Anthony Kinsella

The Bridge – Cindy Iodice

Saturday September 16

6:00 PM
Train People – Tobi Elkin
Paris in Karachi – Munira Abbas
Fishing in the Moonlight – Christian Monnier
Dryad – Thomas Vernay
Rey Carmesí – René Chavarría
The Power Of Citizen Leadership – Flore Dussey
Alkonost – 2Bird Studio

8:00 PM
Delightful – Anna Haas
Tanguito Argentino – Joaquin Braga
Find You Inside – Gemma Warren
A Bone to Pick – Lewis Tan
Marcy’s Journey – Zhou Hong-Yi
The Hammamis – Molly Bareiss
More Or Less Related Events In Recent History – Ira Schneider