Winners of the 2020 Cannes Short Film Festival

Best Short Film
Sang del Drac (Vincent McLean)

Best Short Feature
Will There Be Dancing (Zena Wood)

Best Short Documentary
Sur Les Pointes (Nehir Onay)

Best LGBT Short
Fulfilment of a Wish (Alexander Merein)

Best Horror Short
Bob (Johannes Schmidt)

Best Sci-Fi Short
Zealandia (Bruno du Bois)

Best Animated Short
The Ballad of Lucky Dave (Courtney Platt)

Best Experimental Short
Dreaming Tango (Frances Barth)

Best Short Short
Reflections (Lee Margaret Hanson)

Best Music Video
uptoyou (Daisuke Shimba)

Audience Awards
Sang del Drac (Vincent McLean)
Everlasting (Jami Ramberan)
Zealandia (Bruno du Bois)
Dreaming Tango (Frances Barth)
Bob (Johannes Schmidt)

2020 Cannes Short Film Festival

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Screening Schedule

Block 1: Shorts
Alone Once by Polly Creed
Rawr by Sorcha McGlinchey
A Midday Dream by Eugenia Fabrizi, Mirza Vele
The Other Side: The Vale of Cashmere by Billy Kent
The Ballad of Lucky Dave by Courtney Pratt
Yarlung by Kunsang Kyirong
uptoyou by Daisuke Shimba
Wednesday by Lisa Delhom, Jérémy Paquet
Bada by Songji Kim
The Descent by AK Srikanth
Letting Go by Enrico Altavilla

Block 2: Documentaries 1
Sur Les Pointes by Nehir Onay
How We Vote Here by Hanna Miller
The Epicenter by Valerie Rose

Block 3: Experimental Shorts
Lake Of Red by Itai Zwecker
That Loving Feeling by Mike McDougall
Duality Dream by Tarek Sursock
Evergreen by Audrey Lane
Babylon by Haimi Fenichel
Tribal Affairs by Patricia Werneck Ribas
Dreaming Tango by Frances Barth
Simmering / 고다 by PerMagnus Lindborg
Steps Out Of The Blue by Hector David Rosales

Block 4: Documentaries 2
Future Ancestor by Josue Rivas
Lessons from Jeju by Nicole Gormley
Will There Be Dancing by Zena Wood

Block 5: Shorts and Documentaries
Brian's Party by Joshua Mozes
A Niggling Question by Danielle Arden
Pete Can't Play Basketball by Nick Borenstein
BUJO: Rise of the Bullet Journal by Alec Fischer
Invisible Wyoming by Patricia McInroy

Block 6: Shorts
I Rise Music Video by Marla Antinoro
Fulfillment Of A Wish by Alexander Mereien
Dress Up by David Hinsch
In Wake of the Crashing Dawn by Bruce Tetsuya
Mountains of the Moon by Judith Berndsen
It Never Entered My Mind by Derrick Cameron
Pawns by Elizabeth Gowan Berliner (Jaane Doe)
Reflections by Lee Margaret Hanson
Spring In The Universe by Marina Baibarza
Indalo: The Creation by Des Dlamini
Season of Aeon by Kassandra Lim
New Day New World by Peter Sacco
Sleuth by Leah Moore, Douglas Reddan

Block 7: Horror Shorts
Meta by Sydne Horton
Together by Max Balter
Suspect by Josh Sambono
Night Skies by Brian Green
Household Demons by John Gray
You Up? by Flaminia Mereu
Bob by Johannes Schmidt

Block 8: Sci-Fi Shorts
Sang Del Drac by Vincent McLean
Everlasting by Jami Ramberan
Sentris by Ian Harrington
Zealandia by Bruno du Bois

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