Festival 2019

Cannes Shorts 2019 festival will run September 5 – 8 at Cinéma Pathé Masséna, Nice.

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CSFF Promo Trailer: https://youtu.be/11DfKnzHx8M


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CSFF 2019 Award Winners

Best Short: Rocket Boy (Simon Sorted)

Best Short Short: I Am A New Life (Alexandre Spieser)

Best Horror / Sci-Fi: Scream Returns (Charaf Jad)

Best Experimental Short: Upgrading Happiness (Kwok Yee Miu)

Best LGBT Short: Reshaping Beauty: Round In All The Right Places (Tom Goss)

Best Short Documentary: Gladiators on Wheels (Souvid Datta)

Best Short Animation: When Planets Mate (Riley Thompson)

Best Music Video: It’s Just (A Feminist Art Movement) (Serra Duran)


2019 Schedule

September 5th

6:00 PM
The Muralist (Eric Forman)
Starcraft (Alan Bound)
Animal Heads (Alex Farias)
Skinhead (Naima Chebahi)
Freak (Martina Sochor)
Home (Will Clark)
Due West (Cara Stricker, Mindy Le Brock)
The Desecrated (John Gray)
Lake Street (Julien Thiverny)

8:00 PM
Alfonso – I’m Happy (William9)
The Audition (Pooja Shah)
I Was (Enzo Vincart)
Chioma (Paul Dzioba)
Femenina (Ilana Garcia-Mittleman)
Walking Poem (Shaun FreeZen, Lindsay Brandon)
You Are At The Bottom Of My Mind (Catriona Black)
Waters of March (Elizabeth Lewis)
Nora (Dustin Curtis Murphy)
My Wife Is a Chicken (Jingjue Li)
One Step To Perfection (Boris Biaou)

September 6th

6:00 PM
I Am A New Life (Alexandre Spieser)
Awake (Javan Ng)
Fuck (Vern Hass)
Paper Trail (Emily Brown)
The Girlfriend Experience (Harry James Coleman)
I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire (Marcus Liversedge)
Stranger Paramour (Aydin Aryainejad)
Invisible Jails (Orwa Alahmad)
A Walking Shadow (Alice Ryan, Bradley Barton)

8:00 PM
Great Expectations (Jakob Kaiser)
Tell Them That I Feel & I Am (Iléna Lescaut)
The First & Last Time (Peter Sacco)
Upgrading Happiness (Kwok Yee Miu)
A Poem (Clément Fréchein)
Gladiators on Wheels (Souvid Datta)
Night Crawl (Gregory Shultz)
Reflection (Chelsea Keene)
Industrious (Harry Darell)

September 7th

6:00 PM
Mirror (Akio Fukushima)
Mad About The Boy (Samir Bhamra)
Leto (Flavia Calabrese)
Cloud Man (Kafeel Channa, James Blow)
When Planets Mate (Riley Thompson)
NIB24 (Kaiser Jakob)
My Dad Is Orange (Elle Ralph)
Rocket Boy (Simon Sorted)
Toast (Alberto Martín-Aragón)
Borderless Forests (Veronika Kastlová)

8:00 PM: Horror Block
The Escape Room (Bessy Adut)
The Cask of Amontillado (Monica Tidwell)
Scream Returns (Charaf Jad)

September 8th

6:00 PM
Chains (Alberto Martín-Aragón)
#WeLaGente (John X. Carey)
Sauna Blue (Carlos Lopes)
La Vita Solitaria (Ugo D’Eramo)
The Bird & the Whale (Carol Freeman)
Reshaping Beauty: Round In All The Right Places (Tom Goss)
Old Flames (Cydney Cox)
Cargies (Hudson White)
The Music Sounds Better with Whom: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience (Chasson Gracie)
Beyond Barriers (Laura Collyer Carlson, Bjorn Jon Madrid)

8:00 PM
It’s Just (A Feminist Art Movement) (Serra Duran)
Outside the Box (Katherine Hearst)
Adeline (Audrey Biche)
Ada (Dane Winn)
Stop (Marieli Froehlich)
Love at First Light (Cain Pickens)
Inmanencia (Natasha Deganello Giraudie)
Lost and Found (Shimon Engel, Ofer Winter)
Kukuru (Julia Gomes Rodrigues)
Red White and Black (Elia Petridis)
Wayfaring (Lorelei Bowman)