Submission FAQ

Submissions are now open for for all categories to the 2017 Cannes Short Film Festival.

Submission Questions

When is the next festival?

CSFF 2019 will take place from 5 – 8 September, 2017, from 6pm every night.

Does CSFF pay the costs of attending the Festival?

You should anticipate paying your own way.

How many films get screened at CSFF?

CSFF screens over 50 selected short films.

Who attends CSFF screenings?

Screenings at CSFF are attended by a mix of filmmakers from around the world, and local film fans.

Is CSFF associated with the main Cannes Film Festival?

No. CSFF is entirely independent of the Cannes Film Festival
and is not associated in any way.

What about the Cannes Short Film Corner?

No, that’s not us either.

Will I receive feedback or comments on my film submission?

No, sorry. Due to the high volume of submissions received every year, we are unable to
provide feedback on your film.

What is the shipping address for packages?

We accept only digital submissions. Please upload a screener to FilmFreeway.

What are the screening formats for selected films?

At CSFF we can screen in many screening formats.  If your film is accepted,
our Screenings Dept will discuss screening formats with you.

Does CSFF require films to be premiered at CSFF?

No, previous screening at other festivals, home country TV broadcasts, as well as
industry, press, and private screenings are OK.

Which Preview Copy Formats do you accept?

Any digital online storage format is fine. Vimeo is our suggestion.

Can I submit a work-in-progress or “rough cut”?

Works-in-progress are welcomed. Our programmers are very used to watching rough
cuts, and will judge the film accordingly.

Do you waive fees for starving student filmmakers and/or established artists?

No, sorry. The reality is that it costs time and money for us to administrate the
entire film submission process. We’re not getting rich, but we do have to cover
our basic costs.

Do you consider requests for deadline extensions?

MAYBE. Please contact us if you need an extension. Before requesting an
extension, please understand that the later we receive your film, the less time
we have to view it. This means that your film can be viewed fewer times and by
fewer people on our programming team.

Should I send a publicity kit with my submission?

No. We will require an electronic press kits ONLY if your film is selected. Participants are kindly asked to make available all requested publicity materials as well as excerpts from selected films for promotional use prior to, during and for future festivals.

I don’t know if my short film is narrative or experimental. In which category
should I submit it?

You decide. Generally, films we place in the experimental category are those
with no narrative thread.



N.B. Please note that CSFF Nominees agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival and related promotional platforms, including CSFF events, website, social media, international press coverage and allowing CSFF to link to third party websites such as Vimeo hosting their film trailers. Participant filmmakers consent to having their exhibited film material edited by G. Papinutto of Agence Gamines for the purpose of creating CSFF festival trailers.


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