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CSFF Trailer: https://youtu.be/QzE8JRyPaZM

Cannes Short Film Festival 2019

Join us at Pathé Masséna 5-8 September for the next CSFF!

CSFF Awards 2018


Best Short Film

Final Letter (Orwa Alahmad)

Best Short Documentary

Surfers Not Street Children (China Global Television Network (CGTN))

Best Animated Short

A Table Game (Nicolás Petelski)

Best Experimental Short

Buzz Riot (Rudi van der Merwe)

Best LGBT Short

Magic H8 Ball (Dan Hass)

Best Comedy Short

Nemausus (Quentin Uriel)

Best Horror Short

The Tell-Tale Heart (Charles Sharman-Cox)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Eyes Everywhere (Daniel Bernhardt)

Best Music Video

King of Time (Jaron Clegg)

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CSFF Awards 2017

Best Short Film
Fishing in the Moonlight – Christian Monnier

Best Short Documentary
Life on the Ganges – Indira S. Somani

Best Animated Short
Alkonost – 2 Bird Studio

Best Experimental Short
Dryad – Thomas Vernay

Best LGBT Short
A Bone to Pick – Lewis Tan

Best Horror Short
They Make You Grow A Beard – Anthony Kinsella

Best Sci-Fi Short
The Weaving – Arthur Mercier

Best Short Short
Ragamuffin – John Byron Hanby, IV

Best Music Video
Rey Carmesí – René Chavarría

Each CSFF session consists of an 80 minutes selection of quality international short films of various genres.

CSFF 2018 will run 6-9 September at 6pm & 8pm. Watch this space to get the latest CSFF news.

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Our 2015 programme comprised over 70 short films, CSFF 2016 exhibited over 60 films. In the next years we look forward to exhibit just as many.

Winners will be announced on this site after the event.

CSFF 2018 Opening Nite at at official CSFF hang-out for after screening drinks with colleagues at Big Ben Pub September 5 for CSFF Visitors & nominees Please Meet Up at 9pm at Pub on 9, rue Alberti 06000 NICE


Palmarès des Gagnants CSFF 2016

Meilleur Court Métrage
Double Blind No.1 (Zenon Kohler)

Meilleur Court Métrage Documentaire
Aletsch – Of Ice and Men (Caroline Fink)

Meilleur Court Métrage d’Animation
Belicus (Ador)

Meilleur Court Métrage Expérimental
Inksekt (Pablo Calvillo)

Meilleur Court Métrage de Films Gays, Lesbiens et Trans
In Alliance (Christine Lord)

Meilleur Court Métrage d’Horreur
Darkness Falls (Jarno Vinsencius)

Meilleur Court Métrage de Science Fiction
Yo Soy Pedro (Jordan Inconstant)

Meilleur Court Métrage Court
Nuts At The Museum (Tom Jumpoth, Athip Kate-ubon)

Meilleur Music Video
Glamour & Glitz! (Matthew Weekes)


2015 Award Winners

Best Short Film: Sisters (Michelle Figlarz)

Best Documentary: Beyond Limits (Nora Dorian)

Best LGBT Short: Intrinsic Moral Evil (Harm Weistra)

Best Horror: La Maison Abandonnée (Benjamin Moro)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Revolution – Gudrun von Laxenburg (Sebastian Mayr)

Best Animation: Last Dance on the Main (Aristofanis Soulikias)

Best Experimental Short: Still (Takeshi Sone)

Best Short Short: Je Suis Celib’ (Boris Vassallo)

Best Music Video: Cais Sodré Funk Connection (Richard F. Coelho)


Here we’ll include links to press coverage of CSFF and our filmmakers:

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Participants are urged to make available all requested publicity materials as well as excerpts from selected films for promotional use prior to, during and for future editions of festivals.

Abstract stills by F. Cimadevilla. Photos of Big Ben Pub, 9, rue Alberti, Nice (Official CSFF bar)