Cannes Short Film Festival

Founded in 2014 in the world’s most important film destination, the Cannes Short Film Festival celebrates the best of international indie short filmmaking. CSFF brings together filmmakers from around the world for an amazing presentation of cinematic excellence and exciting innovation. Screening more than fifty short films, the 2024 CSFF is will be the tenth sensational annual event dedicated to short filmmaking, March  3.


Showcasing the best of short filmmaking

The 2024 Cannes Short Film Festival will be hosted by Cinema Varietes in central Nice, March 3rd, at 7pm.
Tickets are free.

Schedule 2024:
Valsa la Vista by Selma Maillard
13 Attentions by Gerald Portenart, Julie Amalric
Le Deuil by Leo Coutaud
Epiphany by Simon Burdet
Seemingly by Valérie Pellet
The Experiment by Florian Lejal
Les Voyageurs de l'Infini by Frederic Kuhn
The Hut by Magali Derrien
Declared Missing by Morgan Cini

It's Time To Act. Now. by Bruno Zaugg
Promise Me I'll Leave by Aymeric
Haefflinger, Clément Arlotti
Drop by Claudio Quattrone
Novembre by Marlon Ghelfi
Silenceland by Christian Ammann
Don't Forget by Baptiste Honorin
Cringe by Ricaardo Dalle Luche
Archive DPT by Nicolas Fauconnet
Estelle by Guy Mazarguil
Breakdown by Gabriel Tibi
Ambivalently Yours & Sanita Fejzić


Cannes Shorts will also be hosting a special screening in London, on March 31st at the Phoenix Cinema.

31st March
5:00 PM
Golden Tickets by Doulla Panaretou
The Artist by Sean Coleman
Bright Innermost by Valentina Paglia
Possession by Max Westwell
The Worlds Fastish Skier by Noddy Gowans
I Wanna Be A Statue by Harvey Auerbach-Dunn
Seeking Thomas by Julia Lisa Zlotnick
Escape to Eternity by Alison Reid
Not Like Us by Freddie Powell
Terroir of Taiwan by Michael Chih-liang Cheng
A Dozen Suns by Sintija Linuza
Within by Joby Stephens
You Can Trust Me by David van Marten
Kitchen Dances: Locked and Challah by Moze Mossanen, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja
The Battle Of The Giants by Katya Aragão
The Bridges We Cross by Iris van Dongen
End Of Infinity by Flora Charlotte Lopategui
I Am Amina by Nabila Eltigi


The mission of the Cannes Short Film Festival is to screen some of the most innovative international short films.

CSFF brings together filmmakers from around the world for an outstanding presentation of cinematic excellence and brand new directing talent.

Cannes Short Film Festival 2014 took place at the gorgeous Studio 13 MJC Picaud cinema in downtown Cannes on November 19-22.

The 2023 festival will be hosted by Cinema Varietes in Nice.


With scores of film viewers during the festival period, Cannes Shorts is always buzzing with great possibilities. The Cannes Short Film Festival provides a great opportunity for organisations to reach out to the short filmmaking community.

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