The Cannes Short Film Festival will return for a seventh year to Cinéma Pathé Masséna, on 17-20 September 2020. Please find tickets on the door.

CSFF Trailer:

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CSFF Awards 2018:

Best Short Film

Final Letter (Orwa Alahmad)

Best Short Documentary

Surfers Not Street Children (China Global Television Network (CGTN))

Best Animated Short

A Table Game (Nicolás Petelski)

Best Experimental Short

Buzz Riot (Rudi van der Merwe)

Best LGBT Short

Magic H8 Ball (Dan Hass)

Best Comedy Short

Nemausus (Quentin Uriel)

Best Horror Short

The Tell-Tale Heart (Charles Sharman-Cox)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Eyes Everywhere (Daniel Bernhardt)

Best Music Video

King of Time (Jaron Clegg)

2018 Schedule

Thursday 6th September

6:00 PM
I Sea Pollution (Heirs To Our Oceans)
Love on the Cards (Nathan Hannawin)
Final Letter (Orwa Alahmad)
Lambrusco (Waiting Game) (Carlo Guttadauro)
Eyes Everywhere (Daniel Bernhardt)
The Blood (Sergi Rubió)
Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing (Nadia Mike)
Dairy Of Bolanle (Virginia Blatter)
The Half Wall (Ida H. Eldøen)
Yto (Noureddine Ayouch)

8:00 PM
Les Étoiles de L’Espoir (The Hope’s Stars) (André Keiser)
Vagues à l’Âme (Rémy Masséglia)
You. (Egoitz Cobo)
Good Mourning (Ian Morgan)
Dis-Moi Pourquoi Tu M’Obsèdes (Tell Me Why You Obsess) (Naima Chebahi)
One Small Step (Bobby Pontillas, Andrew Chesworth)
Woody 09:35 (Luca Di Bartolo)
Yes, We Can (Olivier Duchene)

Friday 7th September

6:00PM: Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi Block
The Tell Tale Heart (Charles Sharman-Cox)
Chocolypse! (Students of Stage 3, Glenwood Public School)
Gab (Gazanfer Biricik)
Nemausus (Quentin Uriel)
Didáskale (Juan Manuel Clausell Granel)
King Of Time (Jaron Clegg)
The Backup (Daniel Kinney)
Hunting Season (Teo Jansen)
Kitambo (A Long Time Ago) (Willard Crew)

8:00 PM
Buzz Riot (Rudi van der Merwe)
The Laughter Of Butterflies (Regla Peinado Elliott)
Party Time (Marco Testoni)
Skin Diver (Katya Abedian)
Flatman (Philipp Bürge)
About Patience (Till Gmuer)

Saturday 8th September

6:00PM: Documentary Block
I Heard (Sana Al-Ansari, Buthyna Al-Mohammadi)
T(he)y (Caroline Callender, Silver Liftin)
Ntando Msibi: Surfers Not Street Children (China Global Television Network (CGTN))
Another Shore (Anne Pictet)

8:00 PM
She Became A Thousand Birds (Juan García-Herreros)
Jenna (Christian Monnier)
Chamber Music Wonderland (Emanuel Altenburger)

Sunday 9th September

6:00 PM
Queens (Hooman Torabi)
1960 (Carlos López)
Miya (Tigran Mutafyan, Khorlan Zholzhaxynova)
Petit Film d’Atelier (Small Film Workshop) (Gil Valery)
The Secret Life of Art (Catherine Mosier-Mills)
The Painting (Rodolfo Guinez)
A Table Game (Nicolás Petelski)
Adam & Esra (Achmed Abdel-Salam)

8:00 PM
Temporary Peace (Yasser Bayani)
Zed’s Dream (Julian Olariu)
Magic H8 Ball (Dan Hass)
Subastados (Auctions) (Rui Lopes)
I Am Your Gift (Sejiane Belmont, Olivier Milingo)
Tumble Dry Low (Rivka Roffino)
A Shadow On My Path (Sergi Rubió)
La Famille: One Afternoon For The Whole Life (Maximiliane Nirschl)






















CSFF Awards 2017

Best Short Film
Fishing in the Moonlight – Christian Monnier

Best Short Documentary
Life on the Ganges – Indira S. Somani

Best Animated Short
Alkonost – 2 Bird Studio

Best Experimental Short
Dryad – Thomas Vernay

Best LGBT Short
A Bone to Pick – Lewis Tan

Best Horror Short
They Make You Grow A Beard – Anthony Kinsella

Best Sci-Fi Short
The Weaving – Arthur Mercier

Best Short Short
Ragamuffin – John Byron Hanby, IV

Best Music Video
Rey Carmesí – René Chavarría

Schedule 2017

Wednesday September 13

6:00 PM
C902i – Fermín Cimadevilla
Our Canada, My Story: Shawn Jobin – Salima Stanley-Bhanji
Imperative Shift: Fukushima, Tip of the Iceberg – Yoko Kubota
Go South – James Barrett
My Haggan Dream – Laura Sams, Rob Sams, Stephani Gordon
New York 2150 (TV Pilot) – Harry Assouline
The Old-Men – Jordan Inconstant

8:00 PM
Listen – Niko Mikadze
Stop Us – This Is Felo
Stay Awake – Helena Karadimos
Kanthari – Change from Within – Marijn Poels

Easy, A Three Minute Love Story – Robert Guthrie

Thursday September 14

6:00 PM
00 (Double Zero) – Alberto Martín-Aragón
The Final Draft – Aditya Jain
WO|LF – Chelsea Innes
Ragamuffin – John Byron Hanby, IV
Moonchild – Bruno Mazzocchi
Haley – Corey Sevier

8:00 PM
Fu’ Entertainment presents: Maurice – Nicolas Bridot
Missed Conceptions – Ruby Parker-Harbord
The Souls’ Delight – Amandine Herve Pouchet
The Voice of 650 Million Times One – Marijn Poels

Friday September 15

6:00 PM
La Isla Invertida – Cora Cruz
Remember Everything, To Not Forget Anyone – Paolo Caspani
Suriezione – Gennaro Regina
Life on the Ganges – Indira S. Somani
Southern Edge of the Cloud – Alon Chan
Hajimé – Florian Delhormeau

8:00 PM
Sci-Fi & Horror Block:
The Weaving – Arthur Mercier
Hero – Kerryn Williams
Cosas Vanas – Laura Baumeister
The Cop Cam – Isaac Rodriguez
Expiration – Maya Korn
Story Of Frank – Rona Walter, Rona Walter
They Make You Grow A Beard – Anthony Kinsella

The Bridge – Cindy Iodice

Saturday September 16

6:00 PM
Train People – Tobi Elkin
Paris in Karachi – Munira Abbas
Fishing in the Moonlight – Christian Monnier
Dryad – Thomas Vernay
Rey Carmesí – René Chavarría
The Power Of Citizen Leadership – Flore Dussey
Alkonost – 2Bird Studio

8:00 PM
Delightful – Anna Haas
Tanguito Argentino – Joaquin Braga
Find You Inside – Gemma Warren
A Bone to Pick – Lewis Tan
Marcy’s Journey – Zhou Hong-Yi
The Hammamis – Molly Bareiss
More Or Less Related Events In Recent History – Ira Schneider


2016 Award Winners

Best Short Film
Double Blind No.1 (Zenon Kohler)

Best Short Documentary
Aletsch – Of Ice and Men (Caroline Fink)

Best Animated Short
Belicus (Ador)

Best Experimental Short
Inksekt (Pablo Calvillo)

Best LGBT Short
In Alliance (Christine Lord)

Best Horror Short
Darkness Falls (Jarno Vinsencius)

Best Sci-Fi Short
Yo Soy Pedro (Jordan Inconstant)

Best Short Short
Nuts At The Museum (Tom Jumpoth, Athip Kate-ubon)

Best Music Video
Glamour & Glitz! (Matthew Weekes)


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CSFF 2016 ran 14-17 Sept. at Cinema Pathé Masséna.


September 14th

6:00 PM
In Everyone’s Eyes (Lloyd Frost)
Nuts at the Museum (Tom Jumpoth, Athip Kate-ubon)
Awesome Beetle’s Colours (Jānis Zarzeckis)
Running Through Life (Helene Moltke-Leth)
At The End Of The Street (Maxime Gaudet)
Double-Blind No.1 (Zenon Kohler)
In Alliance (Christine Lord)
Yo Soy Pedro (Jordan Inconstant)
The Light Thief (Eva Daoud)
Glamour & Glitz! (Matthew Weekes)

8:00 PM
There Aren’t Any Trees Here (Elena Baroglio)
Portraits (Nicole Toscano)
Belicus (Ador)
Araneae Dei (Maxine Fone)
Aletsch – Of Ice and Men (Caroline Fink)
This Is A Work Of Fiction (Ju Jwayeong)


September 15th

6:00 PM
Quack-Quack (Fred Murarotto)
The Inksect (Pablo Calvillo)
Obligation (Rhiannon Collins)
Just A Place In The Sun (Andrea Gandini)
Desconocidos (Pierre Roy)
One Night (Lydia Smyth)
Indian Summer (Diana Fraser)
First Glimmer (Khan Waheed)

8:00 PM
Impact (Jean-Charles Granjon)
Descartes… Olé (Joseba Gardeazabal)
Never (Giulio Poidomani)
Wade Get Out (Aida Grovestins)


September 16th

6:00 PM
Blood Debts (Christopher Tram)
Absent Without Love (AWOL) (Fredi Nwaka)
Urban Street Tap (Morten Moen)
Right Awake (Shin Gho)
Darkness Falls (Jarno Vinsencius)

8:00PM: Horror Night
Erika’s End (Sonia Escolano Pujante)
Morbus per Noctem (Ugo & Loris Melcore)
Instant Zero (Yannick Mourcia)
The Eve (Yuri Missoni)


September 17th

6:00 PM
DuO (Karl E. Landler)
Cellophane (Rubén Soler Ferrer)
Raja Ampat – The Four Kings (Matthias Lebo)
Saving Love (Roman Olkhovka)
Duhkha (Catherine Waring)
Message of the Animals (Elke H. Markopoulos, Rainer Ludwigs)
The Fixed Shower Head (Gino Ceriachi)
Sleeping Wonder (Alberto Rizzi)
No Signal (David Ellis)
Spyr (Christoph Lemmen & Ruth Wiesenfeld)
Run (David Good)
The Danger of Pets on Islands (Iván Arós)

8:00 PM
Tempo (Julian Starke)
Una Bellissima Bugia (Lorenzo Santoni)
One Day With Chaprow (Elizabeth Winterhalter)
Dancing Queen (Damyon Myers)
Dance of the Neurons (Jody Oberfelder, Eric Siegel)
Another Day In Paradise (bellopropello)
Beyond (Manuele Mandolesi)
Abandoned (Lamont Fountain)




CSFF 2015 ran September 1-4, 2015, at Cinema Pathé Masséna.





2015 Award Winners

Best Short Film: Sisters (Michelle Figlarz)

Best Documentary: Beyond Limits (Nora Dorian)

Best LGBT Short: Intrinsic Moral Evil (Harm Weistra)

Best Horror: La Maison Abandonnée (Benjamin Moro)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Revolution – Gudrun von Laxenburg (Sebastian Mayr)

Best Animation: Last Dance on the Main (Aristofanis Soulikias)

Best Experimental Short: Still (Takeshi Sone)

Best Short Short: Je Suis Celib’ (Boris Vassallo)

Best Music Video: Cais Sodré Funk Connection (Richard F. Coelho)


2015 Schedule

Tue 1
6:00 PM

The Woman (Jennifer Waescher)
Coven (Saray Blades)
Falling Angels (Maria Winther Olsen)
Jack London’s “To Build A Fire” (Robert Spindler)
Iscariot (Kirill Proskura)
Gaiwan (Elia Moutamid)
Cais Sodré Funk Connection – Offbeat (Richard F. Coelho)
Horn Ok Scream* (Aashay Meshram)

8:00 PM

Beyond Limits (Nora Dorian)
Replenisment (Daniel Thomason)
El Espejo Humano* (Marc Nadal Manzanares)
Here & There (Jascha Blume)
Breakdown (Miwa Ono)
The Furies* (David Thompson)
Immersion (Deryck van Steenderen)
Slacker (CBSS Creative)

Wed 2
6:00 PM

In The Daze Of Things (Gaël Zaks)
She Was (Lei Era) (Carlo Galbiati)
Batibat – A Dream (Amanda deLeon)
Rien (Riyadh Haque)
Birthday Girl (Anjan Chakravarti)
Kanada Girl (Rebecca Campbell)
Milan 25 (Nina Pfeifeneberger)
Match (Jennifer Sheridan)
Amazing Judith and the Wall of Difference (Julien Vergé)
Intrinsic Moral Evil (Harm Weistra)
The Street Artist (Mahmoud Hindawi)
Empty Space (Philip Coleman)

8:00 PM

The Matchmaker (Claire Andreae)
Punk (Jérémy Prudent)
Coexistence (Giovanni Busnach)
GenXO1 (Gaurav Juyal)
This Is California (Gongqi Yu)
I Am Celib’ (Boris Vassallo)
Omission (Remo Pini)
Revolution – Gudrun von Laxenburg (Gilbert Kralinger)
Still (Takeshi Sone)
La Période d’Or (Aasha Sriram)
La Maison Abandonnée* (Benjamin Moro)

Thu 3
6:00 PM

Galicia, Portobello Road (Adriana Páramo Pérez)
Kira (Dilgesh Rojbeyani)
Signos de Artista (Gabriela Laura Nafissi)
Level On (Mu-Ti Huang)
On Flying Water (Dominique Monfery)
Last Dance On The Main (Aristofanis Soulikias)
Butterfly (Jason Zhang)
Let’s Get Medicated (Rich Varville)
Descent (Antoine Marc)
A Rabbit’s Tale (Rachel Shenton)
Awakenings* (Bhargav Saikia)

8:00 PM

Sisters (Michelle Figlarz)
Renaissance (Alessia Duranti)
Silent Majority (Gary Boulter)
HopefulROMANTIC (Matt Zarley)
Under No Illusions (Alfredo Albanesi)
Zoe (Lou Quill)
Equality Sees No Difference (Karla Healion)
Cold Young Blood* (Tyron Janse van Vuuren)
Blub: Urban Sound Exploration (Alex Kempner)

Fri 4
6:00 PM

Past | Experience (Joel Donnan)
Zen Archery with Bodhihanna (Pankaja Brooke)
One Way Trip To Siem Reap (Celine Lesage)
Balloon With Cream (Enrico Mondino)
Middle Man (Katie White)

8:00 PM

Dimension By Synops & Constantinova (Leonardo Roma)
The Scarf Solution (Javier García)
The Hitchhiker (Fivaz Buys)
The Blessing (Sarah Halfin)
The Wellington (Franco Zilli)
Water In All Its Forms (Gerald Faway)
Based On Photo (Elika Mehranpour)
Mustarinta – A Film About Koli (Heikki Oinonen)

*Horror short: adult content


Print PDF of CSFF 2015 programme to download:







2014 Event
Winners 2014

Here are the winners of the 2014 Cannes Short Film Festival:

Best Short Film

The Day After Stonewall Died

John Dower

Best Short Documentary

After The Storm – A Shark’s Tail

Marco Biemann

Best Animated Short

This Too Shall Pass

Kristen Palana

Best Experimental Short


Art Collective Neozoon

Best LGBT Short

Ten Minutes Left

Joris Van Den Berg

Best Horror Short

Ridley’s Corner

Olga Matkovska

Best Sci-Fi Short

Tinfoil and Jackboots

Robert Howells

Best Music Video

Pixel – Call Me

Ola Martin Fjeld

Best Short Short

Give Me Back My Shine

Abraham Papacosta









CSFF 2014 Events


The Cannes Short Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing new emerging film talent.

Genre-themed blocks of short film screenings, networking events, and enlightened discussions between fellow indie filmmakers — these are just a few of the festival events lined up at the at the 2014 Cannes Short Film Festival.

Filmmaking Today
All CSFF participants are welcome at this series of free discussions surrounding issues of concern to today’s indie filmmakers, including marketing and distribution in a 2.0 world, digital workflow, and the reasons some filmmakers still prefer to use film.

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